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How to: Fix Error 1015 iPhone 3GS STUCK IN RECOVERY MODE! 4.3.4/4.3.5!

READ THIS FIRST!!! In this video I will teach you how to fix error 1015 on your iPhone 3gs if you updated to ios4.3.4. Note, this is a tethered jailbreak as of now meaning you will have to…

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25 Responses to “How to: Fix Error 1015 iPhone 3GS STUCK IN RECOVERY MODE! 4.3.4/4.3.5!”

  1. go search for redsnow on google “redsnow 8b4″ and u will find it 

  2. Hey m8 thank you so much, and for u guys i got stock in apple logo, all
    what u need to do is: After u deactivate your phone using redsn0w and get
    stocked u need to enter in DFU mode and restore your iPhone. Works for me

  3. stock with waiting to reboot

  4. Stuck in “please wait” scree. What should I do?

  5. DUDE I lOVE U

  6. mda ma-ti ajutat de lam stricat si mai rau acum imi apare ecranul negru si
    nu mai citeste nici itunes :| ma ajuti cu ceva ? sa il fac am iphone 3gs
    si nici nu mai porneste nu se mai incarca e mort :| 

  7. Im stuck on please wait screen what should i do to pass there

  8. ultimate solution thanks alot to u

  9. Thanks Helped Alot! (Sarcasm)

  10. +iHelpCorner

    But im running 3.1.2…but i will upgrade it to that version…

  11. Where should i download redsn0w 0.9.8b4 ? the website you give doesn’t
    provide it anymore.

  12. oh mylove no fiea đây the anh nusau gfueisa kfhfsjby fgujdsbh sjksgjdfklom
    nkrish sory m k p t a

  13. buon 5 wa

  14. error on deactivation

  15. Im stuck on plese wait scren what now

  16. it dosnt show me deactivate 

  17. but im 4.2.1 not 4.3.4?

  18. Trust me, I would rather not have this stupid iPhone than have to go
    through a long process each time.
    apple just ins’t worth it.

  19. it was good tutorial. but it didnt work but thanx!

  20. i did the same process (upto 6 minutes with respect to your video) to
    recover my iphone 3Gs from recovery mode. It ended up with black screen on
    iphone and only “Please wait….” flashing on it !!!! Kindly help what
    should i do ??

  21. Don’t work you mdfkzz

  22. mounting rootfs as read-only error…. i need urgent help

  23. i stuck with error 60000ms…. what should i do… pleasse help….

  24. ok thanh cong

  25. mine went straight to reboot thing then apple logo while it was saying
    waiting for rebbot then its back on recovery mode help pls

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