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iPod Touch 4G vs iPhone 4 Round 1 – Tech Specs, Geekbench & Retina Display

iPod Touch 4G vs iPhone 4 Round 1 – Tech Specs, Geekbench & Retina Display Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tldtoday Facebook: http:/www.facebook.com/tldtoday.

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25 Responses to “iPod Touch 4G vs iPhone 4 Round 1 – Tech Specs, Geekbench & Retina Display”

  1. im getting ipod touch 4g with my own $ but i need a ride to apple store :(
    so im getting it next weekend!!!!!! yay :D

  2. @krzymnsta adds make you tube free choose 20 secs of rubish or 5$ of your
    hard erned money :D

  3. its a phone that sucks!!!!! GET AN ANDRIOD PHONE THEN GET THE I POD
    TOUCH!!!!!!!…………or you can use the andriod as your mp3 enternet
    browsing and millions of other things!!!

  4. @MultiCasinoRoyale1 ”I’M FREE” -Dobby

  5. I have an android phone and a ipod touch so both of best worlds. ;)

  6. hey you know that the iphone has 7mp and the itouch only 5mp

  7. What kind of idiot buy an iPod 4g and an iPhone 4 !!!!!!!!!! omfg

  8. part 2?

  9. I hate the geekbench tests! I did a test on my powerbook g4 (1.33ghz ppc
    4/1.5gb RAM & 80gb HD) and it got a better score than my Power Mac G5
    (2.0ghz ppc 5 DUAL/4gb RAM/80gb SSD)….It doesn’t make any sense to me. I
    think they just pull numbers out of their ass most times. Good review

  10. For a second i thought it was an youtube ad 0:02

  11. hi how do you aford all these ?

  12. @MultiCasinoRoyale1 thanks to ad block youtube is adless and free =D

  13. IPOD TOUCH 4G ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!! the iphone is stupid on the ipod you
    can still call and its cheaper i would recomend the ipod touch 4g….. and
    can u believe the ipod 5 is not gonna have a power button i herd it alot
    and i think thats stupid!!!!

  14. @krzymnsta how’d you get so many thumbs up you dont deserve it

  15. iPhone 4 > iPod touch 4g :P

  16. I got 395 on my iPod touch 4

  17. @tldtoday, what app are you using at 0:52 and does it cost to download it?

  18. Amazing IPod touch has less than 1 mega pixel camera.

  19. iphone4

  20. All ur doing is complaining about a great divice that couldn’t get
    better… The iPod touch 4g is amazing some people might not want a phone
    and your complaining about it so iPhones arnt that great

  21. @dkahoa That’s wat im doing i have a andriod pone for txting and some games
    and im getting an ipod touch next weekend with my own $ for music games and
    internet :D

  22. lmao

  23. Okay, I asked that before I got to the part about the .7. Wow, less then
    one? Jeez… Any reason for that? I guess to encourage people to opt for
    the phone instead.

  24. Yes, both the iPod touch 4G and the iPhone 4 does have a front facing

  25. @krzymnsta And yet you pay for TV to get ads, while youtube is free and
    they have ads to keep it that way. What’s the problem? Is 15 seconds really
    worth that much to you?

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